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Hire TensorFlow Developer For AI/ML- Powered Intelligent Process Automation

Hire TensorFlow Developer For AI/ML- Powered Intelligent Process Automation

TensorFlow is open-source, machine learning software library conceptualised by the Google Brain team for its research and production purpose. This flexible, portable and easy-to-use platform is used for numerical computations to perform multiple tasks by providing large volumes of data. TensorFlow is a second-generation machine learning system that incorporates deep learning models and algorithms to identify objects via a common symbol. Google Photos make use of TensorFlow to identify places based on their landmarks and characteristics.

At Bacancy, our software programmers are skilled with TensorFlow development and can help you leverage the benefits of TensorFlow’s pre-defined set of tools, natural language processing for text, speech recognition, flexible architecture, and self-learning elements so, you can serve your customers in meaningful ways with deeper and clear insight. Hire TensorFlow developers from us to build AI-powered mobile and customer applications.

TensorFlow Development Services

As a leading TensorFlow development company, we offer top-notched TensorFlow development services and solutions for your AI/ML Automation project.

Image/Voice Recognition and Processing

Our skilled specialist apply convolution neural network to help machines identify images in a meaningful way.

Image Classification

We make use of AI-module and repurpose for image classification. One of our clients has successfully leveraged our service for the medical diagnostic centre.


Build optical character recognition applications to achieve digitisation of text from your documents, forms and invoices.

Chatbot Services

We leverage TensorFlow’s sequence-to-sequence module functionality to handle responses as classifier within a state machine.

Complex Numerical Computations

We build SPAs that are equipped to execute heavy numerical computations on a continuous basis making use of data flow graphs.

Outcome Predictions

Our programmers make use of large-scale linear models for data crunching on complex data sets to identify pricing and multiclass categorisation for eCommerce business.

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Machine Learning Using TensorFlow

Machine Learning Using TensorFlow

TensorFlow developers at Bacancy have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with Python and C++ to build a wide array of complex functions including image recognition and processing, managing emails effectively, prediction of online customer’s shopping behaviour, managing inventory efficiently and direct robots to perform pre-defined activities in the warehouse. We are a globally renowned AI & machine learning development company, and we can help you integrate TensorFlow in your application to identify people and recognise objects. TensorFlow allows you to leverage sentiment analysis; Google translates, text summarisation and image recognition applications.

Of the above-listed categories, image recognition is one of the widely feature, and it is used by globally renowned organisations such as Amazon, Airbnb, Dropbox, eBay, Facebook, Google, IBM, Intel, Instagram, Qualcomm, SAP, Twitter, and Uber. As a TensorFlow development company, we aim to develop high-performance numerical computation across a variety of platforms like CPUs, GPUs, TPUs and from desktops to mobile and edge devices.

Hire TensorFlow Developer

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