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Security Testing

Security testing has become an absolutely significant part of any organization’s software development strategy. This is due to the upsurge in the number of privacy breaches, which the majority of the organizations are facing today. In order to address the quality issue efficiently, Bacancy adopts the 360 degrees security strategy and latest testing methodologies.

At Bacancy, we always keep your application information security as a top priority, and this is the reason our security audit is methodical and measurable to assess the security information of your application. Our skilled and reliable security software testers help to identify potential vulnerabilities, examine application’s system configuration and analyze the network, as well as communication in the right context before security loopholes, take place and attackers exploit them. We have in-depth knowledge and skillful expertise in usability testing to cater your diversified needs as we have successfully served clients across various industry verticals. Our code analyzers and QA experts make sure that your software code is the result of increased quality assurance.

Security Testing Services

Web Application Security Testing

Web-based applications are getting more and more popular so does complex simultaneously. Nowadays hackers are gaining direct access to private data of both clients and companies straight from the web applications. Our QA and software testing services make sure that your web app is genuinely secure and protected against malefactors!

Mobile App Security Testing

Nowadays, businesses ensure to provide mobile-first experience; however, there are many potential weak spots in mobile apps that are required to take care of against external attacks, and with our skilled mobile app security testing services we provide best-in-class services to help you protect your business and end customers.

Product Security

Our dedicated code analyzers work on your potential business solution to ensure that your product is safe from various attacks and intruders. Our product security testing service ensures to provide faster quality check of your product to strengthen customer faith and improve your business efficiency.

Secure Source Code Review

We combine manual reviews and automated source code analysis to identify hidden implementation bugs and design flaws in the deep source code

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To Safeguard Your Business, We Work On Different Security Testing Services

Our Security Architecture Analysis Includes,

Vulnerability Reporting
Test Case Execution
Test Case Preparation
Selection of Testing Tool
Traceability Matrix
Test Plan
Thread Modeling

Security Testing Expertise

  • Firewalls
  • DMZ
  • Log analysis
  • Insider threat mitigation
  1. Tokenisation implemented at client level
  2. Sanitization of the system while application is running
  3. Training of users of application client (CSB)
  4. Training of users of application server (CST/CCSAI)
  • Secure code checklist auditing and perform VAPT
  • Write manual security tests to check the business logic
  • Integration testing of application server, database server
  • And file server after deployment on cloud
  • Integration testing of application after onsite deployment

If same application is deployed at various sites: One time test of the application at each site

Governance & Compliance Audits

  • HIPPA Final OmnibusRule
  • PCI - DSS v3
  • ISO - 27000 Series
  • COBIT 5
  • Product Architecture Review
  • Secure SDLC Methodology
  • Security Policies
  1. Server Access Policies
  2. PII Access Policies
  3. Application Access Policies
  4. Prevent insider data thefts
  5. RSA Secure ID based tokenisation
  6. Backup policies to protect against malware
  • Web Application code review
  • Use of Static Analysis Tools like CAST & KUIWAN
  • Secure coding Practices - Train Dev Team
Automated Security Testing Types and Techniques

Automated Security Testing Types and Techniques

Security Test Types

Bacancy has assembled Test-lets based on several security test types that are employed explicitly for Security testing. It includes testing for data security breaches such as XSS- Cross-Site Scripting, SQLI, IDOR- Insecure Direct Object Reference, Broken Authentication and Session Management, CSRF - Cross-Site Request Forgery, Security Misconfiguration, and security vulnerability, Insecure Cryptographic Storage Vulnerabilities, Insufficient Transport Layer Protection, and Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards.

Types of Security Testing We Perform:

  • Authorization/Authentication check
  • Data Encryption
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Testing
  • Insecure Data storage
Security Testing Techniques

Security Testing Techniques

Access Control Testing

Access control testing is performed to give specific types of users permission-based access of the system; our skilled QA security testers go through all the test cases to ensure that there no data leakage

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing technique is applied to detect security weakness and formulate an in-depth analysis of security flaws to get your product secure from vulnerabilities in point of fact

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Automated Security Testing Tools We Use

Zed Attack Proxy

Zed Attack Proxy

Burp Proxy

Burp Proxy

Cookie Editor

Cookie Editor

Firefox Web Developer Tools

Firefox Web Developer Tools

Security Testing Center of Excellence

Security Testing Center of Excellence

Bacancy has a dedicated security testing center of excellence, and we have developed our very own processes, methodologies, templates, guidelines, and checklists for cloud, network, product and web application security. We have successfully offered software security testing services to clients of all shapes and sizes, and our team consists of 20+ professional testing professionals who hold certifications of certified security analysts and certified ethical hacker. Thanks to our skilled coder analyzers who have helped us to become a renowned name in identifying security vulnerabilities.

Being a globally renowned software product security and QA testing service provider, we ensure to provide a comprehensive range of white-box, grey-box, or black-box model security testing to identify potential issues in the early stage of development cycle. We aim to assess, monitor and secure your web apps for future scalability and we can help you introduce a culture of security consciousness.

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