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Disclaimer: This information is provided for information only, it does not necessarily reflect the opinions of PRA.
Disclaimer: This information is provided for information only, it does not necessarily reflect the opinions of PRA.


Disclaimer: This information is provided for information only, it does not necessarily reflect the opinions of PRA.
Strategic Cropping Land-Mitigation Arrangements
18th October, 2011
Property Rights Australia is not and has never been opposed to the protection of strategic cropping land against the excesses of mining and coal seam gas.
2nd August, 2011
This is a huge issue and one which has farmers locked in a David and Goliath struggle. Never has a disregard for agriculture and property rights been more evident with DERM behaving, not like the umpire, making sure that too scant regulations are adhered to but as advocates for the CSG industry. This came through again and again in the presentations.
Election of Property Rights Australia Board
21st July, 2011
In an election at the first teleconference of the new board put in place at the Annual Conference, Joanne Rea and I swapped jobs. She is Chairman, I am Treasurer and Lee McNicholl is Vice-Chairman. I only ever intended to hold the job of chairman for twelve months in a sort of inter regnum.
Background to Chairman’s Letter Country Life 24th March 2011
25th March, 2011
PROPERTY RIGHTS AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community.  It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job creation...
Issue Of Week QLD Country Life 24 March 2011
24th March, 2011
The administration of vegetation acts in Qld and NSW strips suspected clearing offenders of all normal civil rights.
We are reminded once again this country was formed by drought, floods, and wind and water erosion
15th February, 2011
Updates on Western Australia, Water,Aussie Helpers,Politics, Court, Reef Protection, Wild Rivers abd more
Country Life Article 16th December 2010
21st December, 2010
Click to view full size.   Coal Seam Gas and LNP ...
Reply to Queensland Country Life article 16/12/10 CSG groups should note PRA example
21st December, 2010
As Chairman and the only authorised spokesman for the Property Rights Australia Board, I am mystified at Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, Jeff Seeney bringing PRA into his debate on his differences with his colleagues and constituents as reported in QCL, 16th Dec, “CSG Groups should note PRA example.”
Lock The Gate campaign, Gasland Movie, Land Access Agreements, Forests and Court
29th November, 2010
At the time of writting Sunday 28th, there is a chance another state Labour government has fallen in Victoria.
Coal Seam Gas and the Standard Conduct and Compensation Agreement
9th November, 2010
Now that the Federal Government has given the Coal Seam Gas Industry a tick of approval with conditions, it will be full steam ahead to get as many landowners to grant concessions as possible.
Regulation Outrage
22nd October, 2010
As mentioned in a previous newsletter civil unrest is occurring all the way from Cape York to Perth fuelled by government policies pandering to the extreme environmental agenda.
Ad Hominem attack on Professor Bob Carter
11th October, 2010
Prof. Bob Carter has had to endure a cowardly attack on the ABC Science Show Saturday 2nd October by a Robert Ward.
Vegetation Management and 2010 Federal Election
17th August, 2010
  Monday 16th August 2010 Dear Members Vice-Chairman Lee McNichol and Family are in Africa, with him playing Rugby and we expect his first hand account of this fascinating...
Beef Crisis Meeting at Paradise Lagoon
19th July, 2010
Beef Crisis Meeting at Paradise Lagoon, Prosecutions, Property Rights Australia Emerald Conference and PRA Board Election results.
Native Vegetation Laws, Greenhouse Gas Abatement, and Climate Change Measures
10th May, 2010
Property Rights Australia welcomes the report of The Senate Finance and Public Administration References Committee into Native Vegetation Laws, Greenhouse Gas Abatement, and Climate Change Measures.
Property Rights Australia 2010 AGM Details
30th April, 2010
PRA does not have too many arguments with anthropogenically driven climate change sceptics and consequently have moved our meeting back to June 19th 2010.
Changes to Property Rights Australia AGM 2010
29th April, 2010
Last week a memo was sent out reporting that this years AGM would be held on the 5th of June. It has since come to our attention that world class speaker Anthony Watts from the USA will be in Emerald on the 19th of June for a public speaking engagement so we have transferred our AGM to Saturday 19th of June 2010 to coincide with his visit.
Lady McCamleys Funeral, The Senate Enquiry, Coal Seam Gas
13th April, 2010
Lady Shirley McCamley’s funeral on Saturday in Rockhampton was a great testament to the high regard felt by all who knew her. The senate inquiry on Friday in Rockhampton resembled at times the argy bargy of question time in Parliament. Vice Chairman, Lee McNicholl attended a meeting of 250 angry farmers on Thursday at Dalby, protesting their loss of property rights to the coal seam gas industry.
Death of Lady Shirley McCamley
8th April, 2010
It is with deepest sadness I have to report the death of Lady Shirley McCamley on Sunday afternoon in an ultralight aircraft accident on Tartrus Station Marlborough
The cyclone’s gone. Today we have clear skies and brilliant sunshine with the water draining away.
25th March, 2010
Congratulations to all those who responded to our call to forward senate submissions - in excess of 300 from three states – a magnificent effort.
Native Vegetation Laws, Greenhouse Gas Abatement and Climate Change Measures
19th February, 2010
Submissions should be received by 05 March 2010. The reporting date is 30 April 2010.
How to make a submission to a Senate Committee inquiry
19th February, 2010
A submission may be as short or as long as you like. It may contain facts, opinions, arguments or recommendations. It may cover all the points in the terms of reference or only some of them, depending on what interests you. Supporting documents may be attached.
Submissions To Senate Enquiry
19th February, 2010
Property Rights Australia has commissioned Devine Agribusiness to put together a professional PRA submission to the Senate Enquiry on the impact of Native Vegetation Laws and consequent diminution of land asset values.
Property Rights Australia Backs the announcement of a Senate Enquiry into Land Clearing Laws
9th February, 2010
Property Rights Australia has backed the announcement of a Senate Inquiry into land clearing laws following the success of a mass rally in Canberra attended by more than 3,000 farmers last Tuesday.
Senate Enquiry & Tower Of Hope Property Rights Rally
8th February, 2010
The Canberra "TOWER OF HOPE PROPERTY RIGHTS RALLY" on 2nd February was a resounding success. We now have to thank Barnaby Joyce for a Senate Enquiry as a result of this massive demonstration but have less than 1 month for submissions
Property Rights Australia supports Peter Spencers Canberra Rally 2nd February 2010
25th January, 2010
Property Rights Australia supports the Peter Spencer's "Tower of Hope" Canberra Rally on the morning of Tuesday 2nd February 2010 moving from Magna Carter Place Canberra to march on Parliment House.
Defending Property Rights Australias Position on the Agmates site.
14th January, 2010
I have had to defend the Property Rights Australia position on the Agmates site and Peter Spencer Hunger Strike blog. This has been posted on the PRA group site in Agmates.
Goondiwindi Peter Spencer Property Rights Justice Meeting
13th January, 2010
It is time to start fighting for justice on Property Rights, Land Clearing, Vegetation Management and Water Rights.
What see you in court means in Queensland
8th January, 2010
In following Peter Spencer's cause, a couple of unhelpful and even dangerous diversions have developed today
Help Peter Spencer
14th December, 2009
This good summary has been prepared by PRA member, Dale Stiller. It is somewhat easier to use than going straight into the Agmate site, for quick information. Peter Spencer needs our support.
PRA shows solidarity with Peter Spencer
10th December, 2009
Peter Spencer, driven to the end of endurance, is now into his third week of a hunger strike, requesting that Prime Minister Rudd, on his way to Copenhagen, recognise that he is in receipt of stolen goods, and compensate Australian farmers accordingly.
Prof. Bob Carter advocate of natural climate change Rockhampton Meeting
27th October, 2009
I urge you to join Senator Barnaby Joyce and Senator Ron Boswell in their unequivocal rejection of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.
Your Job Is At Stake
19th October, 2009
Due to popular demand Professor Bob Carter has been invited back to address a second meeting in Rockhampton.
Review of meetings with Prof. Bob Carter and new Vegetation Laws
16th October, 2009
Members’ Newsletter 15th October 2009  Emissions Trading Scheme – bad for rural Australia The meetings sponsored by PRA, the Australian Climate Science Coalition...
Professor Bob Carter on Emissions Trading Scheme
8th October, 2009
PROPERTY RIGHTS AUSTRALIA "The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community. It creates uncertainty, stifles investment,...
Vegetation Management and Australian Emissions Trading Meetings
8th October, 2009
PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community.  It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job...
Emmissions Trading Bill Public Meetings
3rd October, 2009
PROPERTY RIGHTS AUSTRALIA "The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community. It creates uncertainty, stifles investment,...
Noel Pearson opposes Wild Rivers Act
3rd August, 2009
PROPERTY RIGHTS AUSTRALIA "The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community. It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job...
Join Agmates Discussion Group
30th July, 2009
PROPERTY RIGHTS AUSTRALIA "The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community. It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job...
Members Newsletter 26-05-09
26th May, 2009
Notice of open meeting
Members Newsletter 19-05-09
19th May, 2009
  PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community.  It creates uncertainty, stifles...
Public Meeting at Beef 2009 supports campaign against Regrowth Bill 18-05-09
18th May, 2009
     PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community.  It creates...
Members Newsletter 12-05-09
12th May, 2009
PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community.  It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job...
Members News Letter 28/04/09
28th April, 2009
PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community.  It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job...
Members Newsletter 23-04-09
23rd April, 2009
PROPERTY RIGHTS AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community.  It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job creation...
Members Newsletter 17-04-09
17th April, 2009
PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community.  It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job...
Property Rights Australia Media Release 16-04-09
16th April, 2009
PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community. It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job creation...
PRA Members Newsletter 14-04-2009
14th April, 2009
PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community.  It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job...
Media Release 14-04-2009
14th April, 2009
PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community. It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job creation...
Property Rights Australia Member Newsletter 06-04-09
8th April, 2009
PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community.  It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job...
Property Rights Australia Media Release 08-04-09
8th April, 2009
PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community. It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job creation...
Property Rights Australia Media Release 06-04-09
6th April, 2009
PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community. It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job creation...
Right to Clear Regrowth Defended 02-04-09
2nd April, 2009
PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community. It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job creation...
Mining Issues
10th November, 2008
Generally landholders are unaware of their rights when faced with a mining company who has a State Government licence to explore for minerals on their property. Landholders do have considerable...
Landholders—are you being pushed around by mining companies? Do you know your rights?
7th November, 2008
Amalgamations cost ratepayers
3rd April, 2008
Ratepayers should be aware that the majority of costs associated with the forced amalgamations of councils has not been funded by the State Labour Government.  The state set aside only $27.1...
3rd April, 2008
Landholders must act in responsee to the recent and ongoing land valuations put out by the Department of Natural Resources and Water.   Department spokesmen make glib remarks...
One in three voters stay away from ballot box
17th March, 2008
Almost one-third of Queenslanders did not vote in Saturday's local government elections. The polls, run for the first time by the Electoral Commission of Queensland, were the first since...
Brave New World Begins
17th March, 2008
Councils' old guard voted out Thirty new mayors will become the 73 leaders responsible for delivering local government to the four million residents of Queensland after the weekend's historic...
Attorney-General has no idea of council ballot “stuff-ups”
5th March, 2008
The State Coalition revealed wrongly-addressed return envelopes were sent out with ballot papers for the local government elections in the Balonne Shire but was less than impressed with the Bligh...
Local Government status ‘butchered’
26th February, 2008
Bligh government moves to axe the ‘Constitutional Corporation’ status of local governments were unprecedented anywhere in the world and could put council assets worth $80 billon at risk,...
Local Government Status Butchered
25th February, 2008
“The State Government’s proposed legislation to change the legal status of Queensland Local Governments to remove “Constitutional Corporation” status is an extraordinary...
Brisbane venue for ‘Democracy Rally’
15th January, 2008
With only eight weeks to Queensland's contentious local government elections, there are moves afoot to stage a Democratic Rights Day, thereby highlighting further public unrest over issues like forced...
Courts to protect oppressed farmers
14th January, 2008
New South Wales Farmer Peter Spencer writes: Agmates Comment: Finally NSW farmer Peter Spencer is to get his legal right to a court hearing. Through the implementation of Land Clearing...
Qld Govt to review its controversial land clearing laws
21st December, 2007
The Queensland Government is asking landholders feedback on the administration of its controversial vegetation management laws, but it is not revisiting the clearing bans. Minister for Natural...
Qld has spoken – forced council mergers a disaster
19th December, 2007
The overwhelming results of plebiscites on forced council amalgamations in Queensland have made it absolutely clear that the State Government has gone down the wrong path, says federal Nationals leader,...
Queenslanders condemn forced council mergers
18th December, 2007
Queenslanders have overwhelmingly rejected the Bligh Labor Government's forced council amalgamations with almost 300,000 people voting against the move in 85 voluntary plebiscites right throughout...
Labor ignores local voices in forced mergers
12th December, 2007
The Bligh Labor Government should listen to the people voting in the plebiscites on forced council mergers, the Queensland Coalition said today. Queensland Coalition Shadow Minister for Local...
First council merger ballot results send resounding no message
11th December, 2007
The Bligh Labor Government cannot ignore the resounding opposition to forced council mergers being recorded in postal vote results released this week, the Queensland Coalition said today. Shadow...
Ballot on forced council amalgamations closes Friday
10th December, 2007
Queenslanders outside the South-East affected by forced council amalgamations have till Friday (December 14) to have their say, the State Coalition said today. Shadow Local Government Minister...
The Local Government Remuneration Tribunal Report 2007
5th December, 2007
The Local Government Remuneration Tribunal Report 2007 has been tabled in the Queensland Parliament and an electronic copy of the Report can be accessed via the Queensland Parliament's website...
Council amalgamation ballots posted this week
19th November, 2007
About 700,000 Queenslanders in 85 councils affected by the Bligh Labor Government's forced council amalgamations will finally have a chance to have their say this week by voting in local plebiscites. Shadow...
Union domination of amalgamated councils revealed
15th November, 2007
The Bligh Labor Government's push for union infiltration of local councils has been exposed by new figures showing union officials are sitting on up to 10 of the transition committees set up under...
Election 07: Feds were involved with clearing bans
9th November, 2007
Prime Minister, John Howard, has admitted the Federal Government did play a role in banning land clearing, but won't comment on whether farmers should be compensated for this or be recognised for...
Throwaway line haunts ex-minister
8th November, 2007
What seemed an odd throwaway line some 25 years ago goes to the heart of the State Government's motivation to forcibly amalgamate local councils, says Nobby resident Kevin Perks. Mr Perks,...
Council mergers could cost $200m in Qld: LGAQ
25th October, 2007
The Queensland Government has been forced to defend its handling of council amalgamations on two new fronts, including a claim by the Local Government Association of Queensland that the process of...
Kevin Rudd deserves no support on forced mergers
16th October, 2007
Confirmation council plebiscites won't be held until after the November 24 Federal election made it doubly important for Queenslanders concerned over Labor's forced amalgamations to vote against...
Election a chance to have a say on forced mergers
15th October, 2007
The Federal Election is the first chance voters in Queensland will get to have a say on forced council amalgamations, the Queensland Coalition said today. Shadow Minister for Local Government,...
Union hacks dominating in amalgamated councils
12th October, 2007
Unelected union representatives are dominating the forced council amalgamations transition process, with revelations this week up to 54 union representatives are sitting on one of the regional committees which...
Kevin couldnt give a Rudd about councils
8th October, 2007
The Queensland Coalition today stepped up its call for Kevin Rudd to show his true colours on Labor's forced council amalgamations. Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said Kevin Rudd's claim he'd been 'consistent'...
Rudd crying crocodile tears on forced council mergers
8th October, 2007
The Queensland Coalition has accused Federal Labor Leader Kevin Rudd of "crying crocodile tears" on forced council amalgamations following revelations he only met with the former Premier...
Sunshine Coast launch of Coalitions campaign against forced mergers
3rd October, 2007
The State Coalition chose Peregian Beach this morning to launch its renewed campaign against Labor's forced council amalgamations. Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said the Sunshine Coast component...
Bligh should listen to regions on council amalgamations too
2nd October, 2007
Premier Anna Bligh should scrap her State Government's forced council amalgamations plan if she is serious about "listening to the voice of the regions", the Queensland Coalition said...
Qld councils to hold merger plebiscites
24th September, 2007
Some 87 Queensland councils will defy the State Government and hold plebiscites on whether or not shire amalgamations should go ahead. But holding plebiscites on forced council mergers in areas...
Over 700,000 demand a say on forced council amalgamations
24th September, 2007
Over 700,000 people and 87 Councils have demanded a say on forced council amalgamations by engaging the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to conduct plebiscites of electors in their area, Shadow...
Blighs heartless hard line of council wipe-outs
24th September, 2007
Anna Bligh was heartless and showing she had no compassion or empathy with small town Queensland by continuing the ALP's hard line on council wipe-outs, the State Coalition said today. State...
People Power to have a vote on Amalgamations
24th September, 2007
Over 700 000 people and 87 Councils have demanded a say on forced council amalgamations by engaging the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to conduct plebiscites of electors in their area,”...
Councils urged to take up Federal offer of amalgamation polls
18th September, 2007
The Queensland Coalition has urged all affected councils to take up the Federal offer of polls on amalgamations. Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said legislation passed in the Senate in Canberra...
17th September, 2007
“The Warrego Water Auction should continue without further political debate,” Member for Warrego Howard Hobbs said today. “The Warrego water action scheduled for 18th September...
Bligh must scrap forced council amalgamation plans
12th September, 2007
New Premier Anna Bligh should go back to the drawing board on council amalgamations and ensure communities have a genuine say in how they are governed locally, the Queensland Coalition said today. Deputy...
Beattie retires as Queensland Premier
11th September, 2007
Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie has announced his retirement as the State's leader, bowing out of Parliament as of Thursday. Mr Beattie has been the State's Premier since 1998. He told...
Senate Inquiry backs plebiscites for local councils
10th September, 2007
A Senate Inquiry has backed the Federal Government's policy of offering to pay for local Queensland councils to conduct plebiscites on the contentious issue of shire amalgamations. Nationals Senate...
Unions must stop threatening council workers
10th September, 2007
Shadow Minister for Local Government, Planning and Sport Howard Hobbs today warned Queensland unions that threatening Council workers affected by Council amalgamations with the sack unless they paid...
Impossible deadline for council transition committees
6th September, 2007
The Beattie government's impossible deadline for all council transition committees to have met by Sunday was confirmed in an email from Local Government Department director general to councils and...
Minister stuffs up on local government laws
5th September, 2007
Local Government Minister Andrew Fraser is continuing to stuff up on new laws forcing Queensland councils to amalgamate, with the Queensland Coalition accusing the Minister of introducing an invalid...
Merger court battle is on
5th September, 2007
The state's top judge has rejected a request by the State Government to stall a civil case brought against it by the Local Government Association stemming from the forced council amalgamations. The...
Union mate on four FNQ council transition committees
5th September, 2007
Union organiser and failed ALP Member for Burdekin Steve Rodgers' appointment to no less than four FNQ council transition committees made a mockery of Labor's claim amalgamation transition committees...
Council transition committees stacked with union hacks
4th September, 2007
Peter Beattie's stacking of council transition committees with union hacks had nothing to do with looking after local communities but everything to do with delivering to union bosses, the State...
Rudd targeted by anti-amalgamation group
3rd September, 2007
Federal Labor Leader Kevin Rudd will be the target of an anti-council amalgamation campaign to be launched today on Queensland's Noosa beach. The Friends of Noosa group was formed in protest of...
In Brief - Amalgamations say
30th August, 2007
Last week AgForce made its submission to the Senate inquiry in relation to legislation to enable polls to occur in Queensland for communities to have their say on council amalgamations. ...
Vote on forced amalgamations
30th August, 2007
The Australian Local Government Association has recommended councils hold amalgamation ballots on Saturday, October 20. Local Government Association of Queensland president Paul Bell, told...
Council plebiscite laws necessary to guarantee free speech
27th August, 2007
Council plebiscite laws necessary to guarantee free speech New Federal laws overriding the State Government's threats to sack councils are necessary to guarantee Queenslanders' freedom of speech, the...
Qld Govt wants council merger Senate inquiry axed
27th August, 2007
The Queensland government has called for the scrapping of a Senate inquiry into laws that would sanction local voting on forced council mergers. The polls are tipped by the Queensland Local Government...
Beattie must start again on council amalgamations
23rd August, 2007
Federal Minister for Local Government, Jim Lloyd, today called on Premier Peter Beattie to throw out all legislation relating to 'his ham-fisted local government amalgamations' and start again. This...
Council sacking threat to be struck from law
22nd August, 2007
Queensland Coalition pressure in State Parliament has forced Premier Beattie to strike out laws which made it illegal for councils to hold referendums to determine their local community's views...
No community worse off under forced mergers: guarantee needed
21st August, 2007
The State Coalition has vowed not to back-off in its fight to protect communities from Labor's forced council mergers. Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney this morning promised there'd be no let up in...
Beattie council backflip a victory for democracy
20th August, 2007
Queensland Premier Peter Beattie's decision to withdraw threats to sack councils if they conduct amalgamation ballots has been hailed as a victory for the people by Prime Minister John Howard. Mr...
Beattie admits stuff up over Qld council mergers
20th August, 2007
Queensland Premier Peter Beattie admits he "stuffed up" by legislating to ban polls on forced local government mergers and says he won't sack councils that hold referendums on the issue....
Labor caught using push polling...AGAIN
19th August, 2007
The Beattie Labor Government has once again been caught out using push polling to try and legitimise their forced local government amalgamations, the Queensland Coalition said today. These fresh...
Merging Qld councils make no sense: economists
17th August, 2007
Queensland Premier Peter Beattie should ditch his plans to slash the number of councils from 156 to 72 on economic grounds, according to three experts. Throughout the controversial process, Mr...
Qld communities should now have their say
17th August, 2007
Premier Peter Beattie should stop his political posturing and accept that Queensland communities will get a say on the future of their local councils, the Queensland Coalition said today. State...
Qld wont be fooled by PMs council vote: Beattie
16th August, 2007
Nothing the Prime Minister has announced today will make a difference to the much needed reform of local government in Queensland, according to Qld Premier, Peter Beattie. "The Prime Minister's...
Federal laws to override Qld ban
16th August, 2007
Draft laws have been introduced to federal parliament that overturn a Queensland ban on councils taking part in referenda on amalgamations. The draft law introduced to the lower house permits...
Local polls on council amalgamations welcomed
16th August, 2007
The State Coalition has welcomed the Prime Minister's announcement to ensure Queenslanders are given a say on council amalgamations. Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said the Federal legislation to...
Howard gazumps Beatties councils laws
15th August, 2007
Up to 50 angry Queensland councils could press ahead with referenda on the shire mergers after the Federal Government confirmed today it will introduce amendments designed to protect them from the...
Two Qld councils spared the sack by Beattie
15th August, 2007
Two Queensland regional shire councils have been spared the sack despite taking the pulse of their local communities on amalgamations. New laws passed by State Parliament last week included a...
Federal Labor caught on barbed wire fence over Beattie amalgamations
14th August, 2007
Federal Labor has refused to condemn Queensland's forced council mergers, despite its leader's stated opposition to them, according to the Nationals' Leader of the Senate, Ron Boswell. The following...
Forced Mergers wont protect local communities
14th August, 2007
Peter Beattie's 'iconic' legislation to protect Noosa and Douglas shires stood as an icon in nonsense, the State Coalition said today. Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said the whole episode was an...
Qld Mayors only out for themselves: Beattie
13th August, 2007
Queensland Mayors are only holding rallies against the State Government's controversial council amalgamation laws because they don't want to lose their jobs, Premier Peter Beattie claims. The...
Carbon market still an option for farmers despite lockout
13th August, 2007
Farmers can still sell carbon credits on the open market, according the National Australia Bank, despite being excluded from the Federal Government's proposed cap and trade system. NAB carbon...
Relief for Qld councils as Beattie backflips on sackings
13th August, 2007
Amid rumours of internal Labor Party brawling over the issue, Premier Peter Beattie has backed down from his threats to sack councils that hold referendums on mergers, saying he doesn't want to make...
13th August, 2007
“The Beattie Labor Governments legislation last week to prohibit Councils from requesting polls of their area by the Australian Electoral Commission is an attack on the civil rights of every...
Premier Beatties tactics not those of a democracy
11th August, 2007
Deputy Prime Minister, Mark Vaile, has accused Premier Beattie of using tactics more like those of a communist state than those of a democratically elected Australian government, over the forced Queensland...
Polls on shire mergers outlawed
10th August, 2007
Shire councillors will be instantly sacked, under a law passed on Friday morning, if they organise referendums asking rate payers to vote on the forced Queensland regional shire mergers. A late...
Legal challenge to Beatties forced amalgamation laws
10th August, 2007
The Queensland Coalition has vowed to fight on and is undertaking a legal challenge against Peter Beattie's undemocratic laws to force council amalgamations. Queensland Coalition Leader Jeff...
Carbon trading to be part of business for Aust farmers
10th August, 2007
Farms can actively participate in carbon emissions trading by decreasing land clearing, changing fertilising practices and reducing methane emissions. This timely advice was delivered to delegates...
Councils urged to defy Beatties threats
10th August, 2007
Queensland councils have been urged to stand up to Peter Beattie's threats of sackings and fines by the State Coalition. Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said the Beattie government was clearly out of...
November looms as federal election date
9th August, 2007
November has emerged as the likely month for this year's federal election. About $7 million worth of Liberal Party advertising bookings indicate the prime minister is contemplating a November...
Local Government Bill hands all power to the Minister
9th August, 2007
Labor's forced local government amalgamations legislation was an unprecedented grab for control and would hand all power to the Minister, the State Coalition warned today. State Coalition Leader...
Defiant mayors face $1125 fines for merger votes
8th August, 2007
Democracy comes at a high price in Queensland, with the State Government legislating to fine defiant mayors and councillors $1125 each if they poll their residents on forced amalgamations. The...
Qld council polls to be paid for by Fed Govt
7th August, 2007
The Federal Government has intervened in the contentious issue of Queensland council amalgamations, offering to pay for the Australian Electoral Commission to conduct the referenda which the State...
Federal funding for Electoral Commission council polls applauded
7th August, 2007
The Prime Minister's announcement the Australian Electoral Commission > will conduct local polls on council amalgamations free-of-charge has > been applauded by the State Coalition. >...
Coalition to bring amalgamation fight to state parliament
7th August, 2007
The issue of Labor's forced local government amalgamations will be highlighted in State Parliament today as the Queensland Coalition continues to fight against the undemocratic process which has...
Position vacancy - Assistant to the Board
3rd August, 2007
Property Rights Australia requires a secretarial person to manage our modern Rockhampton office.  The position of Assistant to the Board is a permanent part-time position based on 9am to...
Thank God for Noosa and Mayor Bob Abbot - By John Purcell, PRA Chairman
3rd August, 2007
"Hearty congratulations to Noosa residents and Noosa Mayor Bob Abbot  Their demonstration of love for their district and shire is a credit to all and an example to others of...
Councils given till 5pm Friday
2nd August, 2007
Peter Beattie's arrogance on forced amalgamations was openly displayed in his government's email* giving just four days for councils to advise on divisions and suggest alternate names for merged...
Qld Govt unrepentant over council mergers
1st August, 2007
Despite the division created in the community over the forced mergers of regional councils and the personal abuse directed his way in recent months, Qld Local Government Minister, Andrew Fraser, says...
Democracy - Queensland style
1st August, 2007
The Beattie Government threat to use legislation to stop local councils seeking the public’s opinion on planned council amalgamations is an outrageous abuse of people’s right to be...
Desperate to stop communities having a say
1st August, 2007
Peter Beattie’s desperation to stop communities having their say and his threats of dismissing councils that held referendums were the actions of a dictator, the State Coalition said today....
Merge protesters ambush Beattie
31st July, 2007
Furious protesters threw eggs and water at Queensland Premier Peter Beattie during a series of ugly clashes over forced council mergers in the State's central west. Mr Beattie, who travelled with...
30th July, 2007
 Congratulations to those gathered at Barcaldine yesterday for having the guts and drive to give Beattie and Frazer a welcome they thoroughly deserved.  More power to Queensland citizens. ...
What has Queensland done to deserve Premier Beattie - By John Purcell, Chairman PRA
29th July, 2007
As is becoming all too common, Beattie has once more walked all over rural Queensland, ignored decency, democracy and exercised his belief that he knows best for Queensland and Queenslanders. ...
Amalgamation plans slammed by Qld rural mayors
27th July, 2007
The worst fears of many rural mayors have been realised when Queensland Premier Peter Beattie this morning produced a wall-sized map of the State detailing far more extensive knife wielding than many...
Qld council numbers to be halved; bush decimated
27th July, 2007
The number of Queensland councils will be slashed by more than half - from 157 to just 72 - following a review into the state's local government boundaries announced today. While there will be...
Bush councils fate to be learned tomorrow
26th July, 2007
The Queensland Government will reveal plans for local government amalgamations tomorrow, almost a week ahead of schedule. The Local Government Reform Commission was snowed under with submissions...
Qld irrigators on edge over water deal
25th July, 2007
Queensland irrigators are on edge, believing it will be “a very tense week” as the implications of Victoria's failing to agree to Prime Minister John Howard’s $10 billion national...
Regional councils plan referendums on amalgamation
4th July, 2007
The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) and the State Government have locked horns again on whether it would be lawful for councils to hold referendums on the issue of forced amalgamations....
Poll confirms unease over rural council mergers
26th June, 2007
Further evidence of country Queensland’s rising distaste for Premier Peter Beattie’s push for forced rural and regional council amalgamations has surfaced in a just-released survey. People...
Yes, the Ocean Has Warmed; No, It’s Not ‘Global Warming’
25th June, 2007
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ABCs Lateline to air The Great Global Warming Swindle DVD
22nd June, 2007
After some persuasive talking the producers of ABC-TV Lateline they have agreed to allow 3 hours of dicussion on the DVD Global Warming swindle on Thursday 12/07/07 at 8.30 pm. There...
NSW Farmers backs calls for inquiry into property rights
21st June, 2007
The NSW Farmers’ Association has welcomed comments by Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce about the need for recognition of property rights for farmers. Senator Joyce is calling for free title...
30,000 jobs secure despite Qld rural council mergers
20th June, 2007
In a bid to hose-down the increasingly emotive council amalgamation plans for regional and rural Queensland, Premier Beattie has extended his jobs guarantee offer, protecting 30,000-plus shire council...
Joyce wants property rights inquiry
20th June, 2007
The disregard for property rights in Australia by all levels of government could soon resemble communism, according to Queensland Nationals Senator, Barnaby Joyce, who wants free-title ownership and...
Report says no need for forced council mergers in Qld
19th June, 2007
Claims by the Queensland Government that the State's country councils would collapse in droves financially without amalgamations have been exposed as baseless and without foundation. That's the...
An oceanographer looks at the non-science of Global Warming
18th June, 2007
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There is No Global Warming
18th June, 2007
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The Great Luddite Hoax of 2007
18th June, 2007
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Beattie and Rudd set up backflip on Council amalgamations
15th June, 2007
A groundswell of pressure by rural Queenslanders could forge a late Labor backdown on Council amalgamations. Nationals Senator for Queensland, Ron Boswell, said two events this week point to an...
Canberras carbon trading scheme hit by court action
14th June, 2007
THE Federal Government's proposed carbon trading scheme is on hold after court action by a farmer from the NSW Monaro who is seeking compensation for the "theft" of carbon credits because...
Showdown on council amalgamations brought forward
13th June, 2007
The Qld Government has brought forward a meeting-of-minds between disaffected western Queensland mayors and rural organisations over the smouldering issue of forced council amalgamations. Originally...
Farmers left in the dark on emissions trading
1st June, 2007
Farmers are no closer to learning how they will be affected by a proposed new national carbon trading scheme. Prime Minister John Howard yesterday received a landmark report into the idea from...
First Qld river caps set
31st May, 2007
Water diversions from rivers in Queensland that fall within the Murray Darling Basin will be capped for the first time, after limits proposed by the State Government for four river valleys were...
Young farmers forum heading to Griffith
31st May, 2007
One hundred young Australians will have the chance to set new directions for Australia’s rural industries at the second National Young Farmers Forum, to be held in Griffith in July. The...
Class action haults as cash dries up
25th May, 2007
Drought pressures and dwindling bank balances have stopped hundreds of southern irrigators joining the fight for compensation after drastic water cuts to groundwater and carry over allocations last...
PRA Submission to the Local Government Reform Commission
24th May, 2007
AGM Presentation - John Purcell, Chairman - Turning the Tide
24th May, 2007
 Ladies and Gentlemen:  It is once more my privilege to present the PRA Chairman's Report.  The year 2006/2007 has been one of mixed fortunes; however, in my view, the positives...
Beattie Govt feels the heat of council merger protests
23rd May, 2007
THE IRONY of regional council staff chanting "the workers united will never be defeated" at a series of rallies may be starting to unnerve the Queensland Government's hard-line approach...
City slickers to get a taste of life on the land
22nd May, 2007
FOR most city families, a day on a farm exploring the way modern farmers work is not usually on the weekend itinerary, however, "Farm Day" - which is going national on May 26 and 27 - aims...
Backlash grows against forced amalgamations
21st May, 2007
AgForce is calling on the State Government to halt its forced shire amalgamation process and give the community a meaningful say, in the wake of a comprehensive AgForce member survey and more grassroots...
AGM Presentation - Les White - Climate Change is Natural, Global Warming is False
21st May, 2007
To download a printable version, click here.  The Global climate is continually in a state of change. Its part of the Natural evolution of our Planet and the Sun - Earth orbital...
Vital data for irrigated industries goes online
24th April, 2007
The National Agricultural Monitoring System (NAMS) website this week has been expanded to provide vital information for irrigators – from stream flow data to climatic conditions and water availability....
Qld primary industries week underway on Friday
24th April, 2007
Imagine if we could design a new variety of wheat and know how it would perform before it's even planted? Or if we could use a fantastically small tube to wipe out termites and other pests? These...
23rd April, 2007
"Regional and Rural Small Businesses and local jobs are set to be decimated under the disgraceful Beattie Labor Government's plan to force large scale Local Government amalgamations,"...
Beef industry at risk from water cuts
23rd April, 2007
Uncertainty surrounds the Federal Government's Murray Darling water cuts, with conflicting messages about whether water will be available for livestock causing angst within the beef industry. Prime...
Not all Qld councils against amalgation
20th April, 2007
While many country mayors are outraged at the State Government's new process for shire amalgamation, Waggamba Shire Mayor Tom Woods is taking it in his stride. While the Australian Local Government...
Halt to irrigation will be devastating: NFF
20th April, 2007
National Farmers Federation chief executive, Ben Fargher, says farmers are resilient, innovative people who are able to manage risk. But Prime Minister John Howard's announcement yesterday to...
AgForce critical of one-size-fits-all approach to water
20th April, 2007
AgForce water spokesman, Kim Bremner, says the Prime Minister's one-size-fits-all approach to cutting allocations to zero for Murray Darling Basin irrigators unnecessarily penalises farmers. Mr...
Stock, northern basin, not affected by irrigation shut-off
20th April, 2007
Farmers in the Murray Darling Basin will still be able to water livestock under a contingency plan unveiled by the Federal Government yesterday. Prime Minister John Howard triggered confusion...
Already no water for crops in Qlds end of Murray-Darling
19th April, 2007
The Prime Minister’s release today of emergency water recommendations for the Murray Darling, with a likely zero water allocation for irrigation, in order to secure urban supplies if there is...
Local farmers support Clarence dam, despite opposition
19th April, 2007
Plans to dam the Clarence, NSW’s largest volume river, and pipe tens of thousands of megalitres to parched south-east Queenslanders have met with vehement community opposition - and unexpected...
PRA Media Release Beattie knows best? Again!
18th April, 2007
Beattie believes he knows best for all of us, more ‘Big Brother’, ‘more big Government’. Why?  Beattie’s pledge to restructure and amalgamate Shires, no matter...
Uproar over rural councils merger plan
17th April, 2007
Rural shire councils are seething that the Queensland Government has ditched a consultation process and will pursue forced shire amalgamations instead. Premier Peter Beattie today stunned local...
PRA Media Release Valuation Rip-Off
13th April, 2007
Property Rights Australia (PRA) welcomes and supports the Belyando Shire landholder group's action to contest the Department of Natural Resources and Water valuation rises of up to 250% following...
Cross-border water pipeline idea angers NSW
13th April, 2007
The Federal Government has been warned it will have a fight on its hands over any proposal to pump water from northern NSW rivers to Queensland's drought stricken south-east. Federal Water Resources...
Leasehold needs major overhaul
5th April, 2007
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Warrego water sale wrong: Cobb
4th April, 2007
The Queensland Government's decision to auction off 8000 megalitres of water licences on the Warrego River is wrong and should not happen, according to the Federal Government's assistant water minister,...
Qld irrigators get water entitlements security
30th March, 2007
The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) has welcomed the decision by the Prime Minister to allow Queensland to move to complete its water planning process in the Murray-Darling catchments ahead...
Green light for Warrego, Qld, water sale
28th March, 2007
The Queensland Government has overcome national pressure to follow through with its plans to auction 8000 megalitres of water on the Warrego River in southwest Queensland. Last month, the auctions...
Qld leaseholders to win extensions for environmental work
19th March, 2007
Queensland farmers and graziers who lease State Government land will be able to get longer leases if they improve the condition of their land, under innovative land reforms introduced in the Queensland...
Farmers: city families need you!
16th March, 2007
Farm Day - a national day of 'fun, friendship and understanding' - is calling on farmers to host a city family for a day-visit during the weekend of May 26-27. Conceived by Victorian wool producer,...
What Really Causes Climate Change? By Laurence Hecht
14th March, 2007
Dynamics of Earth-Sun orbital relationships, and not statisti- we have just presented. He might also argue that the recent cal trends in greenhouse gases, are the principal cause of cli-...
Nationals threaten to spill water plan
12th March, 2007
The Federal Nationals are pushing to limit the buying back of irrigation licences as part of the Government's $10-billion Murray-Darling Basin plan, raising accusations that they are trying to scupper...
Water rebates system now in place: AgForce
8th March, 2007
Queensland irrigators can now apply for up to $10,000 a year to offset the cost of paying for water they will never receive, according to AgForce water spokesperson Ian Burnett. “AgForce...
Independent investigator confirmed for McKay case
8th March, 2007
Ashley McKay has notched an early win in his quest for accountability within the Queensland Government for its failed pursuit of him over tree clearing charges. The Crime and Misconduct Commission...
Cobb thinks water plan will increase farm production
5th March, 2007
The new assistant minister for Water, John Cobb, hopes the government will use money from its $10 billion plan for water to help farmers "keep doing what they do best", rather than sell...
Qld Govt investigated over handling of tree clearing case
2nd March, 2007
The shoe is now firmly on the other foot for Ashley McKay, with the Crime and Misconduct Commission ordering an investigation into the actions of six Queensland Government employees involved in his...
Push for quick fix for Qld land rent dispute
1st March, 2007
The tricky problem of adjusting Queensland leasehold land rents to meet soaring property values could be resolved by the end of the month. Ahead of a meeting with AgForce on Wednesday afternoon,...
Release of national water charging stocktake
28th February, 2007
The first national stocktake of water charging policies in urban and rural water sectors was released today by the chairman of the National Water Commission, Ken Matthews. The stocktake is the...
Rural investment schemes put extra pressure on water use
27th February, 2007
The NSW Farmers’ Association has called again for the Federal Government to stick by its decision to remove tax concessions for agribusiness managed investment schemes (MIS). The renewed...
Qld farmers call for commonsense on water plan
23rd February, 2007
Queensland Farmers Federation has called on Federal and State Governments to agree on a "commonsense" approach to water reform that provides more effective national leadership on the Murray...
Review by Les White (PRA Treasurer/Secretary) - The Bradfield Scheme
21st February, 2007
Australia is the driest continent on Earth is the excuse the State and Federal Government conveniently uses to cover up their lack of vision in not constructing the essential water Storage and...
A vote for Labor, a vote against NSW farmers: ABA
20th February, 2007
Although the Australian Beef Association claims to remain an apolitical association, this week it has come out strongly against the NSW Labor Government over 'the appalling treatment of the State’s...
Matchmakers wanted for national rollout of Farm Day
19th February, 2007
A nationwide call has been made for volunteers to assist with the matchmaking of city and farming families for the first-ever national Farm Day in May. Farm Day was founded by Deb Bain, a Victorian...
19th February, 2007
Member for Warrego Howard Hobbs today labeled the call by the Humane Society International (HIS) for the Paroo River to be protected first by the Australian Heritage Council (AHC) as rubbish and...
The Ice Age is coming!
16th February, 2007
Water plans thwarted by land tenure insecurity
16th February, 2007
Plans to develop agricultural production in northern Australia via the Federal Government's $10 billion water reform package may be halted by the inability of farmers to own and control their property...
David Kempton - Wild Rivers and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2007
16th February, 2007
The following was compiled by David Kempton, a Lawyer in Cairns who has a long association with PRA and the Cattlemen's union. *  The Wild Rivers Act 2005 gives the Minister the power...
Gabrielle Connolly - Fighting for what is ours
16th February, 2007
Gabrielle Connolly has entered her story into ABC's Heywire competition.  The Connolly's have a long association with PRA. Heywire is about giving regional youths a voice about what...
Qld farmers apprehensive on Federal water takeover
15th February, 2007
Queensland farmers are apprehensive about details emerging from Canberra about how far the Federal takeover of water management of the Murray-Darling basin is proposed to go and the impact this could...
Qld, SA want 5-year review of water plan
15th February, 2007
Queensland and South Australia say they will hold out for a five-year review as a condition for accepting a $10 billion commonwealth plan for the Murray-Darling river system. Premiers Peter Beattie...
PM accused of misleading Parliament on water compo
15th February, 2007
Groundwater irrigators in NSW who were compensated for cutbacks to their entitlements will face an income tax bill on the payments after all. Prime Minister John Howard has confirmed the payments...
Irrigators input key role in water plan
14th February, 2007
Despite claims by farmers and irrigators that the government has been short on detail, the government insists the reform process has included a lot of input from irrigators in the past 12 months. Deputy...
PM must act on water tax after payments to irrigators delayed
12th February, 2007
Payments to NSW irrigators have not been paid because no ruling has been made on the taxation status of entitlement payments for lost groundwater. NSW Irrigators Council chief executive, Doug Miell,...
NSW Farmers support land use inquiry
8th February, 2007
The NSW Farmers' Association supports today’s announcement to establish an independent inquiry into rural land use in Central West NSW. President of the NSW Farmers’ Association, Jock...
Irrigators want water rights honoured under $10 billion plan
8th February, 2007
Irrigators are demanding the Federal Government honour existing property rights agreed to under the National Water Initiative (NWI) in the new $10 billion plan for water. They have warned anything...
Dam crackdown leaves farmers high and dry
8th February, 2007
Up to 30 dams on Kangaroo Island, SA, farms could be deemed illegal for being built without approval from the Native Vegetation Council (NVC). With drought seriously affecting Kangaroo Island's...
Clearing report backs farmers land management
5th February, 2007
A new NSW Government Report on the management of native vegetation confirms that farmers are doing the right thing by the environment, according to the NSW Farmers' Association. Association president,...
Central Qld irrigators cheered by Fairbairn Dam flows
31st January, 2007
Almost over-shadowing news of John Howard’s water reform package in central Queensland, the big news arises from “good falls” of rain across the Fairbairn Dam catchment. AgForce...
NSW Oppositions Native Vegetation policy positive: NSW Farmers
31st January, 2007
The NSW Farmers’ Association today welcomes the NSW Opposition’s Native Vegetation policy announcement. The association's president, Jock Laurie, says, “The NSW Farmers’...
Qld Oppositions new-look Shadow Ministry
30th January, 2007
The Queensland Coalition today announced changes to the Opposition front-bench, in an effort to hold the Beattie Government to account for 'its nine years of mismanagement'. Deputy Coalition Leader,...
Qld irrigators caution on Howard water plan
30th January, 2007
An “early lack of detail” surrounding the Federal Government's grand $10 billion plan for the mighty Murray Darling river system has Queensland irrigation communities cautious about the...
NSW irrigators stoush on $20m compo
29th January, 2007
Farmers in NSW are seeking urgent clarification on the eligibility criteria for the State Government's $20m assistance package for southern irrigators, fearing many who planned for drought and carried...
Qld irrigation community facing bleak future
26th January, 2007
The useful rains falling throughout large swathes of outback Australia have been of little consolation for small irrigation communities like the Cunningham District Irrigators Association in southern...
Bold water plan welcomed by NFF
25th January, 2007
The National Farmers' Federation has welcomed the Federal Government's $10-billion water plan as a bold initiative, but it wants to see the detail before giving it the thumbs up. NFF president,...
Woolies drought day draws shopper praise
24th January, 2007
Woolworths' National Drought Action Day yesterday has drawn praise from the grocery buying public. The nation-wide supermarket chain pledged to donate the entire day’s profit to drought...
Cabinet reshuffle: Turnbull Water Minister
24th January, 2007
As widely tipped, Malcolm Turnbull's rapid rise through the political ranks has continued today, with his shift into the Cabinet as the new Minister for Environment and Water Resources. Prime Minister...
Woolies big drought relief day underway
23rd January, 2007
The National Farmers' Federation is urging Australians to get behind Woolworths' National Drought Action Day, today (Tuesday). Woolworths is putting the term 'retail therapy' into a new context. Woolworths...
Assistance to irrigators yet to flow
22nd January, 2007
Struggling irrigation farmers with no water allocation are still waiting for the State Government to come good on a commitment of financial assistance.     “Specialist...
Water meters to cost Qld irrigators $55 million
22nd January, 2007
Water meters to cost Qld irrigators $55 million Australia Monday, 22 January 2007 Queensland irrigators are about to be charged $55 million to pay for infrastructure they will never actually...
Southern NSW irrigators receive $20m for lost water
18th January, 2007
Southern NSW irrigators receive $20m for lost water By LUCY SKUTHORP and PENNY WATTS - Australia Thursday, 18 January 2007 The NSW Government, just days after it was threatened by an irrigator...
Drought Bus geared for action
15th January, 2007
Despite hopes of a waning El Nino weather pattern, the Federal Government says it is still "doing everything we can think of" in terms of ameliorating the effects of the prolonged drought....
Water Commission gave all clear to Warrego irrigation
12th January, 2007
Water Commission gave all clear to Warrego irrigation Australia Friday, 12 January 2007 The National Water Commission has endorsed the management of water in Queensland, including management...
Qld vegetation assistance funding must be extended: Nats
12th January, 2007
The Queensland Nationals are demanding the State Government extend its native vegetation compensation scheme. With only six weeks left before applications close, The Nationals say more than half...
Turnbull orders investigation of new Qld licences
12th January, 2007
A Queensland Government plan to create new irrigation licences in the south west of the State has prompted an outcry from the drought-parched southern areas of the Murray Darling Basin. And it...
Woolworths to donate a days profit to drought relief
10th January, 2007
Woolworths is holding a national drought action day on January 23, donating its entire Supermarket profits that day to drought relief. Woolworths CEO, Michael Luscombe, says the majority of the...
PRA Office arrangements for Christmas / New Year Period
22nd December, 2006
Please be advised the PRA Office will be closed from COB 3pm on Friday, 22nd December 2006, until Wednesday, 3rd January 2007, at 9am. Should any matters of a serious nature arise, Chairman...
WorkCover should pay for withdrawn case
5th December, 2006
NSW Farmers’ Association is demanding WorkCover pay the legal costs of a Canowindra farmer who was forced to spend $300,000 in defending a court action against him which has now been withdrawn. Association...
Water and rates price relief for drought-affected Qld farms
5th December, 2006
The Queensland Government will provide a 50pc rebate on municipal rates for eligible drought-stricken farmers, plus a water rebate on management tariffs for irrigators. AgForce president Peter...
Howard Hobbs - Rural and Regional Industry Champion to lead Senate Ticket
4th December, 2006
Queensland Rural and Regional Industry Champion Senator Ron Boswell has been given the green light by the Queensland Nationals on the weekend to continue his work representing Queensland in the...
Fitzroy Basin Food and Fibre - What you can do to stop the negative press about irrigation?
30th November, 2006
There have been a lot of negative stories in the media about irrigation recently.  If you see or hear any negative stories which are incorrect don’t let it go through to the keeper. ...
Call to waive Crown lease payments during drought
29th November, 2006
The Nationals Member for Burrinjuck, Katrina Hodgkinson, wants NSW Minister for Lands, Tony Kelly, to extend the waiver of lease payments to all rural landholders in NSW. Ms Hodgkinson said landholders...
Labor Rules Out Extra Drought Help For NSW Farmers
27th November, 2006
The Iemma-Costa Labor Government today ruled out giving graziers access to National Parks to feed their livestock, despite farmers struggling with the worst drought on record, NSW Leader of The Nationals,...
NSW groundwater irrigators start class action
23rd November, 2006
Murray Valley ground water irrigators are leading a State-wide class action case against the NSW Government and its structural adjustment packages. They're fighting for "fair market value"...
Qld Govt still cool on water charge freeze
23rd November, 2006
Frustrated Queensland irrigators are still waiting for the Qld Government to freeze charges on their water allocations. Much of the water being charged for won’t be delivered because of the...
Qld landholders caught up in vegetation red tape
20th November, 2006
The Queensland Government has been accused of bungling the administration of vegetation management laws with new figures showing more than 1300 landholders are waiting up to two and a half years for...
More help for workers in drought-affected areas
20th November, 2006
The Federal Government has changed the Drought Force program to make it easier for those who have lost their jobs in Exceptional Circumstances areas to do volunteer work on private farms and receive...
$1m paid for farmland vegetation sold for carbon credits
17th November, 2006
Increasing demand from industry is paving the way for the development of a major market in selling farming vegetation for carbon credits. A deal approved on Tuesday will see development rights...
Farmers call for seat at table in crisis talks
16th November, 2006
Farmers want a seat at the table in the crisis talks about the future of river water allocations, arising from this month's Water Summit in Canberra. The summit agreed to establish a team of bureaucrats...
Starts by capping land rents, to ease pressure on farmers: AgForce
15th November, 2006
AgForce Qld has renewed its calls for the Qld Government to overhaul the leasehold land rental system in the wake of last week’s comments by the Prime Minister, at the water summit in Canberra. Mr...
Qld may freeze water charges, too
15th November, 2006
Qld Water Minister, Craig Wallace, says his Government is costing a proposal to freeze irrigation water charges for those farmers affected by drought. He says Acting Premier, Anna Bligh, has given...
Farm income fall won’t be as severe as in 2002-03 drought
15th November, 2006
The Reserve Bank says farm output could fall by around 20pc this financial year, as a result of the drought. But that won’t result in as big a fall in farm income as occurred during the 2002-03...
Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves Beware
15th November, 2006
The drought is severe and there are many farmers and graziers suffering incredibly these conditions. There are also now numerous drovers on the road utilising the TSR's (traveling stock routes)...
QCL - PRA Comment
9th October, 2006
It is no surprise that ABARE has found the VMA will cost Queensland an additional $500million for forgone development in the Brigalow and Mulga Lands.            ...
Ashley McKay's case upheld in the Queensland District Court
27th September, 2006
After 6 long years and over a dozen court proceedings Ashley and Doris McKay of Torres Park Augathella have had their appeal against a conviction for illegally clearing commercial cypress pine...
More stupidity
27th September, 2006
The Queensland Government’s release of the code applying to a native forest practice on freehold land proves that they are still out there with the fairies. Property Rights...
Hands off Gulf and Cape York Peninsula: Qld farmers
27th September, 2006
Queensland Natural Resources Minister, Henry Palaszczuk, has undertaken to seriously amend the Wild Rivers Legislation, according to Property Rights Australia (PRA). The undertaking...
$18.3m paid in Qld vegetation management aid
22nd June, 2006
The Queensland Government continues to provide vegetation management aid to landholders and clearing contractors, Natural Resources Minister, Henry Palaszczuk, said. Mr Palaszczuk...
PRA Annual General Meeting- 10th of June 2006- Paradise Lagoons
5th June, 2006
Property Rights Australia is to hold its Annual Conference and AGM on Saturday 10th June 2006 commencing at 9am. The venue is the Acton Family’s picturesque working beef and horse property...
Property rights Australia- AGM agenda
30th May, 2006
FRIDAY, 9 June 2006 6.30pm Meet & Greet Evening The Leichhardt Hotel, Corner Denham & Bolsover Streets,  Rockhampton  Signage in the foyer up...
Australia's Salinity Crisis- what crisis?
30th May, 2006
It's an apocalyptic story of environmental disaster we all know so well. The Murray Darling basin is being poisoned by salt. Adelaide's water supply is threatened, along with some of our most...
DNRM Illegal Tree Clearing blitz in South Western Queensland
26th May, 2006
The Department of Natural Resources and Mines is currently undertaking an ‘illegal tree clearing blitz’ in South West Queensland. The investigations are occurring at a time when...
AGM Meeting notice
22nd May, 2006
Notice is hereby given that the 2006 Conference and Annual General Meeting of Property Rights Australia (Inc.) are to be held at Where: “Paradise Lagoons Station” Rockhampton,...
Land Valuation System Must Go
27th February, 2006
Property Rights Australia today calls for a total overhaul of Queensland’s rural land valuations system. PRA Chairman John Purcell said “Irrespective of today’s...
PRA Column: QCL 23rd February 2006
23rd February, 2006
The Vegetation Management Act 1999 and the Water Act 2000 are coming back to haunt Beattie and his Government. Despite all the pre-legislation plotting and planning with their green friends,...
Hornet's nest stings Qld Govt
18th November, 2005
North Queensland Register Editorial Senior people in the Department of Natural Resources and Mines must be heartily wishing they had never heard of Shane Watts. For 17 months, the department...
PRA launches new website
3rd November, 2005
Property Rights Australia has recently launched its newly formatted and designed website. The previous site experienced several technical difficulties and it is hoped that the new site will...
PRA Meeting- St George
24th October, 2005
Property Rights Australia (PRA) attracted over 150 people to its Public Meeting in St George on Saturday 22 October. Attendees came from as far west as Wyandra and north to Bowen. Guest speakers...
Property Rights rally in Senator Joyce's home town
18th October, 2005
This Saturday Senator Joyce will be speaking at his home town of St George Qld on the fundamental right of property ownership and its current erosion by reason of government infringement....
Letter to Members
16th October, 2005
Thank you to all those who flew the PRA flag in Rockhampton on Thursday 6 October. Some 350 people made the march on the temporary State Parliament in Rockhampton. As we...
Independent inquiry into Beattie tree cover-up needed
10th October, 2005
An independent inquiry into allegations the Beattie government ordered the destruction of a Departmental report critical of Labor’s Vegetation Management Act was needed, Property Rights...
Can't see the forest for the liesanother government cover up!
8th October, 2005
Another bomb shell was dropped on the Qld State Government during the regional sitting of Parliament in Rockhampton this week. The attack did not come from across the floor from...
Rocky Rally a Success!
6th October, 2005
300 rural and regional landholders from across Queensland marched with Property Rights Australia to converge on the regional sitting of parliament in Rockhampton this week. Armed...
Open Letter to Premier Beattie
3rd October, 2005
Premier, It’s a pity you can not meet with the many hundreds of marchers at the Pilbeam theatre on Thursday 6th October, from 1.00pm. Thank you for your response and apology....
Queensland’s Democratic Government at Risk?
26th September, 2005
Property Rights Australia (PRA) calls on Premier Beattie to confirm or deny he is considering changing Queensland Constitution by an Act of Parliament. The proposed changes would strip the...
Rockhampton Rally- Thursday, 6th October
24th September, 2005
Invites all PRA members, landholders & others in all primary production industries to attend a peaceful protest rally in Rockhampton on Thursday the 6th Oct 2005 to voice your objections...
Rocky Rally- 6th October, Rockhampton
21st September, 2005
Property Rights Australia Announces “The Rocky Rally” A peaceful rally is organized for Rockhampton to demonstrate landholders’ disgust at the Beattie  Government’s...
Green benefits not worth pain of land clearing
20th September, 2005
Queensland's strict ban on tree clearing is severely damaging farmers and deliversing little in the way of environmental results, according to the nation's chief commoditiies forecaster. ...
Members News Letter
12th September, 2005
Dear Property Rights Australia Member, Once more I call on you to stand up and be counted in your own interests and the interests of your mates and fellow Queensland landholders....
Brisbane Rally a Success
15th August, 2005
Around 400 determined landholders braved the rain and cold to attend the PRA Protest Rally in the Brisbane CBD on the 12th of August. Protesting about the loss of civil liberties...
Brisbane Rally a Success
15th August, 2005
Around 400 determined landholders braved the rain and cold to attend the PRA Protest Rally in the Brisbane CBD on the 12th of August. Protesting about the loss of civil liberties...
PRA opens Rockhampton Office
16th June, 2005
PRA has opened their Rockhampton office which is situated at 214 Quay Street, phone 07 4921 3430 and fax 07 4921 3870 (email to be confirmed).  Quay Street is on the frontage of the Fitzroy...
Who has control of your land?
15th June, 2005
John Purcell, Chairman of “Property Rights Australia”, will be hosting a meeting with other board members to discuss issues relating to your rights as a property owner. ...