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Strategic Cropping Land-Mitigation Arrangements
18th October, 2011
Property Rights Australia is not and has never been opposed to the protection of strategic cropping land against the excesses of mining and coal seam gas.
2nd August, 2011
This is a huge issue and one which has farmers locked in a David and Goliath struggle. Never has a disregard for agriculture and property rights been more evident with DERM behaving, not like the umpire, making sure that too scant regulations are adhered to but as advocates for the CSG industry. This came through again and again in the presentations.
Election of Property Rights Australia Board
21st July, 2011
In an election at the first teleconference of the new board put in place at the Annual Conference, Joanne Rea and I swapped jobs. She is Chairman, I am Treasurer and Lee McNicholl is Vice-Chairman. I only ever intended to hold the job of chairman for twelve months in a sort of inter regnum.

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