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Build Your Team with Handpicked Ruby on Rails Freelancers

Ruby on Rails developer Akash Pande


Lead ROR Architect

10+ Years Experience
Full-time Availability
8+ Projects Completed

Akash has solid experience in banking, telecommunication and financial applications with skills in 3rd party integration, Git versioning, REST APIs, AWS services, and the basics of Azure.

star Expert in Ruby on Rails developer Akash Pande
Ruby on RailsJavascriptAWS
Also Worked With MySqlPostgresREST APIs
Worked With
Verizon KPMG Bangkok-bank
Ruby on Rails developer Ashish Dimri


Lead ROR Architect

9+ Years Experience
Full-time Availability
7+ Projects Completed

Ashish has worked on various projects in different industries and has more than 5+ years of experience in managing and developing microservices, CRM, and CMS applications.

star Expert in Ruby on Rails developer Ashish Dimri
Ruby on RailsAngular JSReact JS
Also Worked With AWSMySqlJQuery
Worked With
Renault Infosys 3M
Ruby on Rails developer Tanay Sharma


Senior ROR Developer

7+ Years Experience
Full-time Availability
5+ Projects Completed

Tanay is skilled in app design, development, integration, deployment, & production support of complex software apps with working in the e-learning, media, and entertainment industries.

star Expert in Ruby on Rails developer Tanay Sharma
Ruby on RailsJavascriptAWS (S3, RDS)
Also Worked With MongoDBHerokuDigitalOcean
Worked With
Disney Edumaster Cetera Advice
Ruby on Rails developer Dinesh Jumnani


Lead ROR Architect

8+ Years Experience
Full-time Availability
6+ Projects Completed

Dinesh is experienced in developing highly interactive web apps for domains like e-Commerce, education, healthcare and skilled in integrating Restful APIs, CI/CD pipelines etc.

star Expert in Ruby on Rails developer Dinesh Jumnani
Ruby On RailsJavascriptAWS
Also Worked With HTML5JQueryCoffeeScript
Worked With
Game Changer ACR Samiaid
Ruby on Rails developer Vishal Jariwala


Ruby on Rails Developer

7+ Years Experience
Full-time Availability
5+ Projects Completed

Vishal has in-depth experience working in Social, SaaS-based and FinTech apps with expertise in behavior-driven development, 3rd party integration, and Rails upgradation.

star Expert in Ruby on Rails developer Vishal Jariwala
Ruby on RailsJavascriptReact JS
Also Worked With AWS S3GithubJQuery
Worked With
National Geographic City Falcon Dayo
Ruby on Rails developer Viral Parekh

Viral Parekh

Senior ROR Developer

5+ Years Experience
Full-time Availability
4+ Projects Completed

Viral has experience in managing and developing websites in multiple domains like Pharmaceutical, B2B and F&B E-Commerce, CTO Applications, and Talent Relationship Management Software.

star Expert in Ruby on Rails developer Viral Parekh
Ruby on RailsElixir on PhoenixDatabase
Also Worked With GithubCSSHTML5JQuery
Worked With
Semiaid Acedemy Sport Market FX

Bacancy’s Freelance Ruby on Rails Developers Forte

You may find Ruby on Rails freelancers anywhere, but here’s why you should go with our reliable platform to pick your niche RoR freelancers.



We serve clients of all palates. Whether you are an SME or a multinational company, we fit in your pockets without turbulence. Meet economic and pocket-friendly Ruby on Rails freelance developers with authority and reliability of Bacancy’s esteem.



Shake hands with us as we enter with no terms and conditions. Whether you want to hire freelance Ruby developer for just an hour or as long as your project continues, you can count on us.

Available On-Demand

Available On-Demand

Work With Bacancy’s Top Freelance Ruby on Rails Developer on your time and conditions. Stuck with an issue in your existing RoR application, reach us out, and we will avail you of our best Ruby on Rails freelance developers who will make you leap across your issues.

When Should You Opt For Freelance Ruby on Rails Services?

You have already aimed for a high-yielding business application by choosing Ruby on Rails programming language as your prime stack captain. Now, here’s when you need quick and instant assistance from freelance Ruby on Rails developers.

RoR Hosting

As you want to find the ideal match of bandwidth, data storage, CPU memory usage, you need consultants with their hands carved for this choice-making. Our Ruby on Rails freelancers are affordable craftsmen who will serve your needs rightly.


When your on-the-go Ruby on Rails application needs a dusting of the expert’s consultation, Bacancy’s Ruby on Rails freelance developers come into action.

Upgrade RoR App

Upgrade victoriously to the latest Ruby on Rails version and leverage the full advantage of your app's speed, performance, accuracy, and efficiency. Our dev Ruby on Rails freelancer ensure that deprecation warnings and security alerts don’t bring panic.

Small Task-Based

Want to attain a particular goal with your existing RoR business app? Do you know what and how to do but cannot execute it? Bacancy will act as the perfect matchmaker to provide an ideal freelance Rails developer to your business.

Instant Bug Fixing

No side-talk. Straightforward tasks yield accurate results. Stuck amidst your Rails application code? Our salient freelance Ruby on Rails developers will swiftly find the needle in the haystack.

[email protected]

Your Success Is Guaranteed !

We accelerate the release of digital products and guarantee your success

We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Experience with Ruby on Rails Development Stacks

We have determined the best permutations and combinations of technologies that work wonders when paired with Ruby on Rails. Have a look at the technical expertise of our Freelance Ruby developers.

Ruby Frameworks RailsSinatraHamaniCrepeRoda RubyCuba
Database MySQLMongoDB PostgreSQLSQLiteMariaDB
Gems RSpecDevisePRYRuboCopPagyRolifycancancanBraintreeCapistrano
CMS Refinery CMSLocomotive CMSCamaleon CMSRadiant CMSComfortable Mexican SofaAlchemy CMSSpina CMSScrivito CMS
IDE RubyMineAtom EditorVIMSublime TextAptana StudioEmacsCloud9Visual Studio Code
Integration PHPAll Javascript Tech.NetPython
Testing UnitCucumberTimecopFabrication
TDD Tools Rspec-RailsCapybaraMinitestFactory_girl_railsSporkDatabase_CleanerSimplecovFakerLaunchy
Rest API SwaggerDocAPIPieGrapeActive Model Serializers
Deployment Tools CapistranoMinaHeroku
Server AWSDigital OceanHerokuLiquid Web DreamHostBluehostHostGatorRackSpace
App Server PumaPassengerUnicornWEBrick
Web Server NginxApache
Scheduled/Recurrence Jobs WheneverDelayed JobSideKiqRufus-SchedulerResqueSucker PunchSidekiq Cron
Searching Elasticsearch-RailsRansack
Coding Style RuboCop Rails Best Practice
Catching Redis
Version Control GIT (GitFLow)
Process Agile Scrum and Lean
PM Tools JiraTrelloSlackLinear
Deployment Process CI/CD

Our Ruby on Rails Customer Success Stories

Over the past 11+ years, check out these awesome case studies for ROR Applications we have built for our valuable clients to solve real-life problems and help them overcome start-up challenges.

MTRS (Matt Talbot Recovery System)
MTRS (Matt Talbot Recovery System)

HealthCare And Service

Matt Talbot Recovery System

Core Technologies - Ruby on Rails

MTRS (Matt Talbot Recovery System) is associated with a government organization. It focuses on the process automation of MTRS for keeping their user’s data up-to-date and available on the web as well as keeping records through email alerts.




Core Technologies - Ruby on Rails | ReactJS

ACR is an Ecommerce website building Survival Products Since 1956. ACR is a leading eCommerce website with a wide range of Electronics for emergency beacons designed through combined technology expertise in the marine, aviation, and military market.


Customer Relationship software

XPCRM by Telaeris

Core Technologies - Ruby on Rails | JavaScript

XPCRM is Customer Relationship Software. It covers a set of applications designed to help businesses manage several business processes like customer data, customer interaction, customer support. XPCRM allows you to send quotes from vendors and input receipt information with features like global search, drag and drop functionality, Paypal invoice integration, and more.

Benefits of Hiring Freelance Ruby on Rails Developer From Bacancy

You may get a new Ruby on Rails Freelance developer anywhere, but when you choose to get one from Bacancy, here’s what you receive:

Agile Approach

Agile Approach

What makes us stand apart from other freelance Ruby developers is that our developers implement the Agile software development practices that leave zero scopes for project failure and deliver the best output in the shortest time possible.

Enriched Exposure

Enriched Exposure

Being the RoR hub for 11+ years, our freelance Rails developers are industry vetted and have broad market experience. We provide customized Ruby on Rails web development services as per your requirements and deliver exceptional results.

Managed Developers at your Convenience

Managed Developers at your Convenience

Leverage the expertise of our Ruby on Rails freelance developers at your preferred time-zone and avail them with your project requirements at your ease. Feel free to contact them, manage them, and use them as your in-house RoR development team.

100% Fit for your Team

100% Fit for your Team

Our feature-rich, dexterous and incredible Ruby on Rails freelancers have been a perfect match for more than 350+ projects worldwide and across 33 distinct industries.

1 Click Away

1 Click Away

Drop us a line or fill out a quote request form to get started. Yes, it’s that easy. There are no hidden-costs with our Ruby on Rails full stack developer hiring. What are you waiting for then? Hire Ruby on Rails Developer Now!

0% Risk

0% Risk

We know the difference between good and great code. We own skillful expertise in making great codes and web services that deliver tangible results for your business. We support no shadowing and deliver one-to-one solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

We have simple and transparent pricing that starts from $20/hour.

Our Ruby on Rails freelancers follow the TDD & BDD development along with using DRY principles for MVC architecture, provide database integration; they are experts in designing front-end with HTML, CSS, AJAX, Bootstrap, and JQuery; they stick with you right from development, deployment, testing, to maintenance.

As you want to hire RoR developers for an instant upgrade, for bug-fixing, or a project-based development, then hiring freelance Ruby on Rails developers is right for you. However, if you want development support for your startup where you need assistance right from planning, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance, then hiring dedicated Ruby on Rails developers is the best option.

Our freelance Ruby on Rails developers are available to meet your urgent requirements instantly, and they are available immediately for your help. Whereas our dedicated Ruby on Rails developers sign an NDA and work right from the beginning with you on your project planning till you meet the execution and end-goal.

You can write us your requirements, and we will reach back to you in less than 12 hours. Drop a mail or raise an inquiry at [email protected].

Certainly, our Ruby on Rails freelancers are on their “get-set” mode waiting for you to come and pick them up. They will take your project on the Go mode and take it to the desired output.