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Ethereum And Smart Contracts

Ethereum is the technology that was specifically designed as a smart contract platform. Ethereum smart contract lies in its decentralized groundbreaking way of running on the Ethereum virtual machine. EVM is globally distributed platform that helps to save costs along with simultaneously increases the security. In the comparison of Bitcoin smart contract platform, it provides more expressive as well as a comprehensive language for scripting. Bacancy, being a renowned blockchain development company for smart contracts and Ethereum applications, it ensures to assist organizations in leveraging their business by implementing Ethereum technology.

Some of The Features of Ethereum Smart Contract:

Autonomous Execution

Get self-executed when the condition is fulfilled via external triggers.

Connect with Other Systems

It connects with an internal system of a Bank and external factor of share price.

Digital Record

Records all the mandatory T&C of a contract on a Distributed Ledger that is shared between all participants.

Compliance and Reporting

Provides data for compliance and reporting by evaluating the pre-defined conditions.

Smart Contracts And Decentralized Apps

Smart Contracts And Decentralized Apps (Dapps)

Ethereum is used to build any kind of smart contract. The core purpose behind Ethereum is decentralization. As they do not run on any one server or computer: they execute on the blockchain that is distributed across the globe. Ethereum performs through a proof-of-work, means every computer on the network comes to an agreement about the transaction before it is getting any approval.

Ethereum smart contracts make it possible to create as well as manage assets, both tangible and intangible - privately, securely and at an economic cost. It’s one of the most exciting value-added feature is automation.

User data is extremely secure against theft or hacking as all Ethereum applications and smart contracts run on a blockchain. It is decentralized so, there’s no risk of service disruption in case an accident, human error or natural disaster to make a server go offline. The foremost benefit of decentralization is that there is no single point of failure.

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Smart Contracts Benefits For Businesses

Smart Contracts Benefits For Businesses

  • Digital tokens pegged to gold
  • Digital tokens pegged to real currencies
  • Interactive apps for IoT devices
  • Applications for authenticating users
  • Applications for intellectual property protection
  • e-Trading platforms
  • Decentralized marketplaces
  • Platforms for crowdfunding
  • Applications for mobile payment services
  • Digital signature ensures proof de-risking and authenticity

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