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Services We Offer in Data Collection

Leverage our trustworthy data collection services to ensure your data is complete and collected from legal and ethical sources.

Experience, expertise, and efficiency are the strong pillars of our data collection services. It does not matter what type of data you want to extract and from what data types, we source all kinds of data using the highest legal and compliance standards available.

With the help of our competent data collection specialists, you can select the appropriate data mining model, define KPIs, develop the mining model, and deploy the model to any data sets. Besides, we can monitor and fine-tune the existing data mining model to perform with greater accuracy.

Our web scraping expertise helps you extract data efficiently and quickly. We scrap and gather data from websites relevant to your business using cutting-edge tools and APIs. Leave the complexities of web scraping to us and get high-quality web data in minutes.

Our data collection specialist can help you collect data from all desperate online sources and all touch points. By collecting data from marketing analytics, transactional data, web scraping, and data marketplaces, we ensure you get clean and trustworthy data.

With years of experience in offering data collection services, we can help you readily identify all the potentially relevant and eminent data sources. We can collect the data ensuring minimal disruptions and establish a transparent chain of custody, and carefully document it for the defensibility and integrity of the data.

Our data collection experts are equipped with comprehensive data collection experience. With focused data collection services, we select and use only legitimate and compliant methods to collect data used in both qualitative and quantitative market research.

Leveraging our social media listening expertise, we can extract all the information about who is talking about your brand and what. We can also cover customer feedback trending topics and all the insights on your customer's behavior to enhance your brand identity and customer relationships.

With experienced and highly skilled AI and ML engineers, we extend our data collection services to collect speech data which is further used for training ML models, NLP models, and AI models to support your multilingual audiences.

Considering your requirements, we customize our data collection services to collect image data that suits your project needs. Our data collection specialists will set up unique scenarios, and using their annotation expertise, they will also perform facial and gestural tagging for advanced sentiment analysis.

It does not matter what videos you want or of what quality; we can help you collect video data that is in line with your requirement. Using quality video data, you can train your AI models for video recognition, object detection, deep learning, and predicting movement and traffic patterns.

We offer data collection services, ensuring the collection and aggregation of the business use case-specific handwritten data. We cover all demographics and multiple languages, with the added assurance that you get quality handwritten data for Computer Vision, OCR, ML, and pattern recognition.

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We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Tech Stack We Use for Data Collection

We focus on using only the best and most comprehensive tools and technologies that yield results.

Data Collection Device MagicFulcrumFastFieldJotformKoBoToolboxMagpiZohoTeamScopePaperform
Data Extraction Hevo DataImport.ioOctoparseParsehubOutWitHubWeb ScraperMailparserMozendaDocParserTableCapture
Data Mining MonkeyLearnRapidMinerOracle Data MiningIBM SPSS ModelerWekaKnimeH2OOrangeApache Mahout
Data Entry nTaskZoho FormsFoxtrot RPAProntoFormsTabidooEntrypoint i4TypeformFluixZed Axis

Our Data Collection Case Studies

Over the past years, our Data collection specialists have helped many companies address their data collection issues confidently.

Large Pharmaceutical Company


Large Pharmaceutical Company

Core Technologies - Oracle PL/SQL | Zoho | RapidMiner | FoxtrotRPA

Our client had multiple vendor data collection systems restricting him from creating a standard report. We identified the data sources, distributed them into primary and secondary, developed the data collection repository, and streamlined the data flow to the data warehouse.

Electric Supply Company


Electric Supply Company

Core Technologies - JAVA | Magpi| IBM SPSS Modeler | Amazon Redshift

The client was looking for multi-level energy consumption aggregation and billing data. We identified the data sources and created a central data warehouse using Amazon Redshift. We used multi-level access to see different levels of data and create reports depending on users' job roles and the report's purpose.

Health Insurance Company


Health Insurance Company

Core Technologies - TeradataDW | Weka | nTask

The client wanted to consolidate data from multiple health insurance plans and eliminate the manual data collection process. We identified and consolidated all data sources and automated the data collection process from the backend.

Our Additional Expertise in Data Collection Services

At Bacancy, we combine our unique skills and data expertise to offer innovative, compelling, and result-driven data collection services according to your needs.

Why Hire Data Collection Specialists from Bacancy?

When you need to improve your data collection techniques, consider hiring data collection specialists from Bacancy. Using our expertise and skills, we ensure quick delivery of large volumes of high-quality and curated data that you can utilize for further analysis, intelligence, and training purposes.

We employ traditional, conventional, and modern approaches to collect data from infinite sources. Our experience working with different industries makes us capable of ethically and legally obtaining data from carefully identified sources by following all the industry standards and compliance regulations.

Why Hire Data Collection Specialists from Bacancy?

What Makes Bacancy Different From the Competition

  • We guarantee 99% accuracy in data collection, extraction, and entry
  • Completed multiple data collection and data science projects
  • We offer confidentiality, security, and transparency
  • Data security is our utmost priority, along with data quality and integrity
  • We customize our approach to deliver faster turnaround time
  • Provide flexible engagement models
  • We sign a strict NDA to ensure the absolute confidentiality
  • We have an easy exit policy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

Under data collection services, we provide all the services related to qualitative and quantitative data collection.

All the services we offer under the data collection domain are mentioned under the “Our Services” section.

Yes! We have worked on several data projects for multiple clients representing various industries, and in most of the products, data collection was the primary focus.

Yes, we provide sample work of our data collection services when we come to final terms and are one step away from signing the contract.

The techniques we use for data collection are

  • Interviews, Observations (direct and participant), Questionnaires, Surveys, etc.
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Web Scraping
  • Online Tracking
  • Transactional Tracking
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Primary and Secondary Data

Yes, you can hire data collection experts from Bacancy on an hourly, monthly, or project basis.

We are a one-stop data service provider. Including data science, we offer data collection, data warehousing, data migration, data integration, data visualization, data security, data governance, and all data-related services.You can rely on us for everything data.

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