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Services We Offer in Computer Vision

Our expert engineers offer specialized computer vision services to empower you in transforming unstructured visual data into actionable insights.

We use our practical data labeling expertise to offer computer vision services aimed at helping you generate dataset training. Hire a team of AI and ML developers skilled in using data labeling methods such as Polygons, Bounding Boxes, Cuboids, Point and Line, Segmentation, Annotation, and more.

Our computer vision specialists can compare image patterns to the desired patterns for building a relationship between pixelated things. Hire computer vision developers from us who all are well-versed at using the appropriate classification approaches to help you create an image classification model.

Whether you want Single Object Tracking or Multiple Object Tracking, our computer vision services cover both under object tracking. Besides, we apply our object-tracking solutions in 3D domains using our skills in Deep Neural Networks. You can use our object tracking models for surveillance, security purposes, tracking employee movement, or for any suitable reason.

Our computer vision developers can compare image patterns to the desired patterns to build a relationship between pixelated things and use the appropriate classification approaches to help you create an image classification model.

Our AI and ML team is highly skilled in Edge-based, Threshold-based, Region-based, Cluster-based, and Watershed segmentation techniques. You can opt for our computer vision services for precise Semantic, Instance, and Panoptic image segmentation. You can utilize our image segmentation models for different purposes like tagging places, face recognition, traffic control, etc.

As a part of our computer vision services, we offer powerful and precise video analysis to detect objects, places, people, and much more. Our AI developers can extract rich metadata from the video at the frame level to create custom labels and use AutoML so you can get real-time insights along with streaming video annotations and object-based event triggers.

Leverage our experience in developing cutting-edge computer vision solutions for converting any image having written content into machine-readable text data. We use our Natural Language Processing algorithms skills to decipher the text from an image and make the most out of it.

Using our experience in CBIR systems, we can create Reverse image search, Related search, Filtered search & deep image search, and Augmented reality search models. Contact us to build an industry-specific and purpose-specific visual search model for you.

Leverage our computer vision consulting services for the rapid deployment of AI to generate accurate and meaningful insights. We can help you develop computer vision solution architecture suiting your industry and business needs. Our computer vision consultants can also help you deploy and integrate the solution per your goals.

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Technology Stack We Use For Computer Vision Development

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies, and modern approaches to scale up your business

Language PythonR
Frameworks PyTorchHadoopTensorflowCore MLMXNetCaffe2ChainerTheanoSonnetMicrosoft Cognitive Toolkit
Libraries OpenCVSciPyScikit-learnSeabornPandas
Services Google Cloud AIAmazon Machine LearningAzure Machine Learning
Neural Networks CNNLSTMResNetU NetYOLOGANs

Our Computer Vision Case Studies

Check out these awesome computer vision systems we have built for our valuable clients to solve real-life problems and help them overcome business challenges.

Online Grocery Shop


Online Grocery Shop

Core Technologies - Python| TensorFlow | Hadoop | Google Cloud AI

The client wanted an OCR model to convert the Ingredient content from stock images into Text format. We used ResNet CNN to find ingredient content from the images and extracted text data using Google OCR.

Drug Manufacturing Unit


Drug Manufacturing Unit

Core Technologies - Python| Scikit-learn | Google Cloud AI | Amazon ML

We helped the client optimize video data enabling ML-based automation and CNN to identify employee movements, monitor drug movement, and analyze the feed for abnormal patterns to maintain their product's quality, safety, and integrity.

Online Fashion Store


Online Fashion Store

Core Technologies - Python| Core ML | OpenCV

A famous American clothing brand wanted a visual search model to increase conversions through a mobile app. We delivered a solution that allows users to photograph real-world clothing, find similar products in the catalog and buy in a single tap.

Explore Our Offerings in Computer Vision Solutions

We are skilled in developing computer vision solutions and applications that different industries can use for versatile reasons. Here is how our computer vision services can benefit your business.

Why Choose Bacancy For Computer Vision Services?

Offering data services for over a decade, Bacancy nurtures a strong and dedicated data team known for providing computer vision as a service across industries. Our AI developers and ML engineers precisely understand your industry challenges and the type of data you generate so they can craft a perfect computer vision solution for your business.

We never rest; to stay on top of the game, we keep improving ourselves. Our data team believes in ongoing knowledge enhancement and upgrading their skills with evolving technology. That is why we work with only the best and latest computer vision technologies, frameworks, libraries, and platforms. Below mentioned are the reasons why brands love us.

Why Choose Bacancy For Computer Vision Services?

Benefits of Partnering with us

  • End-to-end AI and computer vision services
  • Production experience in Vision, ML, AI, Edge, and IoT
  • Access to a highly skilled and vetted data team
  • Hands-on Experience in the Image & Video domain
  • Experience working with different industries.
  • Transparent and flexible hiring models
  • Sign Strict NDA
  • Easy exit policy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

Every company that generates images or video data can benefit from our computer vision (CV) services. Companies can use computer vision applications for a myriad of purposes right, from identification, monitoring, and tracking, to detection.

Different industries can use computer vision services and solutions for various purposes. Moreover, they can get industry-specific solutions developed by our computer vision experts to meet their precise needs.

PS You can find how different industries use solutions under the ‘Explore Our Offerings in Computer Vision Solutions ’ section.

Our technology stack is mentioned above under the “Our Tech Stack” section.

However, being a leading data science service provider, we have AI and ML engineers who can utilize tools and technologies from those mentioned in the tech stack to fulfill your business needs.

Definitely! You can use computer vision applications for your retail business if you are generating video and image data.

Here are some computer vision use cases in the retail industry,

  • Retail Heat Maps
  • Cashierless Stores
  • Image Recognition
  • Visual Search
  • Virtual Mirrors
  • Footfall Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Crowd Analysis
  • Retail Heat Maps
  • Personalized Product Recommendations
  • Visual Inventory Inspection
  • Counterfeit Detection
  • Self-Checkout

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